Information Society and Media

Content Online – Digital Agenda

Interested in encouraging the development of innovative business models and promoting the cross-border delivery of creative online content services, after a first consultation launched in 2006, (...)

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Net Neutrality

The EU regulatory framework for communications was created in the 1990s to open up markets and culminated in 1998 with the liberalisation of national markets. The current sets of rules were (...)

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Revision of the public sector information Directive

Public bodies produce, collect and share vast amounts of information. Most of this public sector information (PSI) has commercial potential for re-use as the basis for new added value products (...)

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Together with the emergence of digital libraries, the need to provide pragmatic solutions to the challenges of orphan works, out of print books and clearance of protected material has arisen. In (...)

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European Digital Library - EUROPEANA

Europeana sets out to make all Europe’s cultural resources and scientific records – books, journals, films, maps, photographs, music, etc. – accessible to all, and preserve it for future (...)

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Task Force for the Coordination of the Media

Responsibility for the publishing industries has been allocated to DG Information Society and Media; here, the Media Task Force monitors all the Commission’s policies that affect the media sector. (...)

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