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Reduced VAT rate on digital books: a sensible fight- Press release by the French Publishers Association

The French Publishers Association (Syndicat national de l’edition/ SNE) published a press release, following the announcement by the College of Commissioners to refer France to the Court of (...)

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"Introducing Network Officer Anne Bergman"- a blog post by Anne Bergman, FEP Director, on Europeana Professional

A medieval historian by training, for the last several years I have worked to support the European publishing community. I love reading, to a point where finding room for all these books is now (...)

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Copyright/France-out of commerce works

The French government has just published the decree (27/02/2013) regarding the online exploitation of out of commerce works from the 20th century. Article 1 deals with the modalities of the (...)

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Les Petits Champions de la Lecture- an initiative launched by the French Publishers Association

In order to encourage reading amongst children, the French Publishers Association has launched an association, Les Petits Champions de la Lecture, chaired by Antoine Gallimard. 10 years-old (...)

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