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FEP Activities- week 31 March 4 April

• EC/Study commissioned by DG research on text and data mining
• EC/ Civil Society Dialogue Meeting-Trade Sustainability Impact Assessment on the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (...)

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TISP press release for the launch of the smart book

On April 8th, TISP is launching the Smart Book, an open web resource for publishing and ICT professionals. The official release of the Smart Book will be hosted by the London Book Fair and the (...)

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Interview of Anne Bergman-Tahon, FEP Director, in the April issue of Giornale della libreria

The April issue of Giornale della libreria features an interview of Anne Bergman-Tahon, FEP director. The focus is on the manifesto published by EWC, FEP and EIBF for the European élections.
The (...)

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FEP Activities- week 24-28 March

• EC/ The Future of ICT for Culture and the Creative Industries • EP/ Meeting with the assistants of Emer Costello (Ireland, S&D), Sylvie Guillaume (France, S&D), Isabelle Thomas (France, (...)

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Joint session FEP-EIBF on VAT changes in 2015, 10th of April 2014, London Book Fair

On the 10th of April, a joint session FEP-EIBF on "VAT changes in 2015" will take place between 2.30 pm and 3.50 pm at the London Book Fair (room Hampton, EC2).
If you wish to attend or if you (...)

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Commissioner Michel Barnier visits the Salon du Livre in Paris

On the 24th of March, Michel Barnier, EU Commissioner for Internal Market, visited the Salon du Livre in Paris.
©Federation of European Publishers
For more information, please contact (...)

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FEP Activities- week 17-21 March

• EP/ Breakfast organised by the Swedish Pirate MEP for libraries in the EP • EP/Launch of EIF Report ’The Digital World in 2030: What Place for Europe?’ • EP/Policy breakfast on the future of (...)

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FEP Activities- week 10-14 March

* EP/ Meeting with Mary Honeyball’s assistant
* EP/ Strasbourg session
* EC/TTIP stakeholders event
* EC/ Multilingualism Platform
* Brussels/ CMBA communication group (...)

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Next TISP events

The next TISP events will take place in Bologna and London.
The TISP workshop at the Bologna Children’ Book Fair will take place on the 26th of March and will focus on Story-telling and (...)

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EWC-FEP-EBF’s joint manifesto for the European elections available in French, German and Italian

Authors, publishers and booksellers have launched a joint manifesto for the European elections. Groups and parties leaders, MEPs, national parties should be made aware of the main challenges for (...)

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