European publishers take note of the collegial decision taken on 5 December by European Commissioners on Copyright

An orientation debate took place today between European Commissioners to discuss the modernisation of Copyright in the digital economy. The Commission has agreed on two parallel tracks of action: on one hand an immediate action through a structured stakeholders dialogue to work on addressing six issues (including cross-border portability of content, data and text-mining, and cultural heritage) and on the other hand a medium term action for decision making in 2014 dealing with inter alia exceptions and limitations.

European publishers are ready to pursue their engagement with the other stakeholders in order to find solutions beneficial for all, citizens, creators, retailers, publishers. We hope to remain associated to any follow-up actions agreed upon during the orientation debate to work together towards a balanced modernised copyright.

European Commission press release: http://europa.eu/rapid/press-release_MEMO-12-950_en.htm

FEP Press release