FEP Activities- Weeks 3-7 November & 10-14 November

* EP/ EWC meeting in the EP - the value of Writers’ Works

* EP/ Culture Committee Meeting

* EP/ Meeting with assistants of MEPs Pavel Swoboda (EPP, PL), Chair of JURI committee; Constance Le Grip (EPP, FR) and Sylvie Guillaume (S&D, FR)

* EP/ Meeting with JURI secretariat on copyright

* EP/ Pirate events on “Cultural heritage in a digital Europe”

* EP/ Hearing Parliament on Copyright

* EC/ Meeting of the Member States Expert Group on Digitisation and Digital Preservation

* EC/ Meeting with Commission’s copyright unit on educational issues

* Brussels/ Presentation of study “Europe’s Creative Hubs”

* Brussels/ Conference on “the State of Fine Art”

* Brussels/ CMBA meeting

* Brussels/ Journées du Nouvel Obs

* Brussels/ Meeting with European educational publishers

* Brussels/ NEM Steering Board meeting

* Paris/ French PA- what is new in the digital field?