FEP- The Future of ICT for Creativity and Creative Industries

The Commission is organising a workshop on The Future of ICT for Creativity and Creative Industries on the 26th and 27th of March in Luxembourg. Publishers are very much encouraged to attend.

This workshop intends to bring together:

• Professionals from the different creative sectors (Advertising, Architecture, Design, Film, TV, Video, Radio, Games, Music, Performing and Visual Arts, Publishing);
• Professionals from the ICT sector developing solutions for the creative industries;
• Researchers whose work relates to Creativity and Creative Industries or to ICT technologies relevant for these industries.

They organise this workshop to shape the research and innovation agenda for the next years. The event will help them to define the activities that the Commission should promote to strengthen Europe’s position as provider of products and services based on individual and collaborative creativity in the coming years. The discussions should clarify which ICT-related actions are most relevant to promote the competitiveness of European creative industries and why. The conclusions of the workshop will be decisive in the preparation of the ’ICT and Creativity’ agenda within the next programme for EU-funded research and innovation.

The Commission has been insisting on their wish to have publishers represented at this workshop- as the event will shape the ICT and Creativity Agenda.

Please note that the participation is free of charge but travel and accommodation are not covered by the Commission.

You will find more information here: http://cordis.europa.eu/fp7/ict/creativity/workshop-ict-for-creativity_en.html