FEP events at the Frankfurt Book Fair 2023

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The book market in Europe 2022/2023: main data and trends

When: Wednesday, 18 October, 10h30-11h00 (CET)
Where: Frankfurt Studio

For the second time at the Frankfurt Book Fair, the Federation of European Publishers presents the results of its annual statistical survey of the European book market. After the introductory remarks by the FEP President Ricardo Franco Levi, FEP Deputy Director Enrico Turrin will present the detailed data collected by FEP on the turnover and the titles published by European book publishers in 2022, also looking at the evolution of formats and trade channels, and outline how main markets have performed thus far in 2023.

The European Union Prize for Literature - an opportunity to discover new European voices

When: Wednesday, 18 October, 13h00-13h30 (CET)
Where: Frankfurt Studio, Hall 4

On Wednesday 18 October at 13:00 (Frankfurt Studio), EUPL is organising a session with this year’s winner: Martina Vidaić (Croatia, EUPL 2023). After an introduction by the Director of the DG EAC, Georg Häusler, Martina Vidaić will dialogue with a former EUPL author, Jasmin B. Frelih (Slovenia, EUPL 2016) about her winning book and what the EUPL can do for emerging writers.

From Inclusion to Innovation: how Accessibility is transforming the Book Value Chain

When: Wednesday, 18 October, 15h00-16h00 (CET)
Where: Frankfurt Studio, Hall 4, room Europa

In recent years, accessibility has emerged as a critical factor in transforming the book value chain. This seminar will explore the dynamic relationship between accessibility and innovation, examining how accessibility initiatives are reshaping the publishing industry and fostering inclusivity within the industry.

Through a series of success stories, this seminar will examine how accessibility-driven initiatives sparked innovation from content production to distribution and consumption.

The seminar is organized by Fondazione LIA in collaboration with the Frankfurter Buchmesse, Börsenverein des Deutschen Buchhandels, the Federation of European Publishers, the International Publishers Association, in the framework of Aldus UP, co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union.

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FEP Annual Rendez-Vous

When: Thursday, 19 October, 12h30-14h00 (CET)
Where: Room Illusion 1, Congress Centre C3

FEP will organise its traditional Rendez-Vous at the Frankfurt Book Fair on Thursday, 19 October 2023, from 12:30 to 14:00. The meeting will be held in Room Illusion 1 (Congress Centre).

Participants will first hear about cultural policies in Europe from the Director at DG Culture (European Commission), Georg Häusler. The second part of the event will consist of a panel on artificial intelligence with Peter Schoppert, Director at the National University of Singapore Press and one of the best experts from our sector on AI, Thomas Heldrup, the Head of Content Protection&Enforcement at Danish Rights Alliance, and a publisher currently implementing the TDM opt-out protocol (name to be confirmed). FEP Legal Advisor Quentin Deschandelliers will brief participants on the state of play of the EU AI Act.

Refreshments will be offered to the participants.

Tales of EUkraine - Project presentation and testimonials

When: Thursday, 19 October, 14h00-15h00 (CET)
Where: Aldus Up Stage, Hall 4.1, G17

European publishers are getting involved in the Creative Europe project "Tales of EUkraine": Why is this project so important? What are the learnings and best practices that publishers already involved can share with us? And what do they give to other publishers who want to get involved in the project? Answers to these questions will be given and discussed. Representatives of the European Commission will also take a closer look at the possibilities of the EU’s "Creative Europe" funding programme for the European book industry.


  • Natasa Asik (Project Adviser)
  • Georg Häusler (European Commission)
  • Kateryna Ilchuk (Vivat publishing house, Ukraine, Head of SMM)
  • Daniela Kollarova (Slovakian Publishers Association, Coordinator of Tales of EUkraine in Slovakia and representative of the publishing house DAJAMA)
  • André Störr (Friedrich Mauke publishing house, Germany)
  • Enrico Turrin (Federation of European Publishers, Deputy Director/Economist)