FEP proposals at the Conference on the Future of Europe

Four points on sustainability, freedom to publish, digital transformation and culture

The motto of Europe is "United in diversity". The Federation of European Publishers, gathering 29 Publishers Associations in Europe – firmly believes that culture largely contributes to this unity in diversity.

However, if public policies do not appropriately support the cultural sector sustaining local culture to develop in the best possible conditions, we’ll risk erosion to our common roots.

European publishers already commit to most of the topics addressed by the Conference on the Future of Europe. However, to improve that, we propose enhancing the financing for the creative sector through more investments that support the publishing industry and the appropriate legislation.

Climate change and environment

FEP signed in November 2021 the "UN SDG Publishers Compact", to accelerate progress to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by 2030. Publishers are looking into sustainable solutions for their printed books and their e-books. Just for the record, digital books and devices to read them are not systemically the most environmentally sustainable solution.

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Values and rights

FEP supports the freedom to publish and of expression throughout all of Europe and beyond. Together with their authors, booksellers, and librarians, Publishers are at the forefront, ensuring that diversity, inclusion, and respect remain at the heart of our societies. It is key that online platforms do not highjack the necessary defence of freedom of expression as a pretext to spread piracy.

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Digital transformation

European publishers have been at the forefront of the digital transformation since e-books first appeared on the market. European publishers have also been involved in standardisation exercises, so interoperability is the rule. In addition, European publishers are working hard to make sure that in 2025 e-books will be accessible for all readers in the mainstream online bookshops and fulfil the European Accessibility Act’s requirements.

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Culture and education

Books are an ideal vehicle for culture and education. It goes without saying that they perform an essential role in informing, educating and entraining European citizens. The book sector needs the right policies and funding opportunities to preserve and encourage the indispensable diversity. The role of the private sector in educational, scientific and trade publishing is necessary to ensure that citizens can choose the content they wish to access.

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