Get Caught Reading Campaign 2020

The Federation of European Publishers (FEP) launched the fourth edition of the Get Caught Reading Campaign (GCR) in December 2020. By collaborating with MEPs, Commissioners and FEP members, the campaign aims at promoting books and drawing attention on the importance of reading on the political agenda. In its previous edition, in 2016, FEP organised an exhibition at the European Parliament to display portraits of European personalities who participated and shared their passion for books and reading. Due to the sanitary situation, it wasn’t possible to replicate it, but FEP hopes to organize a new one once again for the next Get Caught Reading campaign.

As for the 2020 GCR campaign, 16 European personalities participated and shared their love for reading. Yet, the persistency of COVID-19 hindered the organization of an exhibition and influenced the participation of the personalities involved. Nevertheless, FEP organised a social media campaign during the Christmas period and the portraits are available on the Get Caught Reading Campaign website.

Commissioner Ylva Johansson caught reading Klas Östergren’s book Renegater. © All rights reserved

“I have chosen a Swedish author, Klas Östergren, and his book Renegater, a brick of a novel, which blends Swedish contemporary history with fiction. I enjoy the language. The way the author uses words opens up new dimensions in the story.”

Peter Kraus vom Cleff President of the Federation of European Publishers © All rights reserved

“Colum McCann’s fantastic “Apeirogon” brought the Middle East conflict home to me in a sensitive, touching, deeply human and wise way. A father of daughters myself, I understood the pain, but also the unconditional will of Rami and Bassam for reconciliation and for understanding each other’s views.”

Antonio Scurati Member of the European Parliament - ©All Rights reserved

“L’uomo della provvidenza, by Antonio Scurati, tells us the strength and the banality of evil. Fascism as a Dictatorship able to seduce the crowds with the production of the scapegoat but also the total reliance on the charisma of a leader, giving up freedom and democracy. Reading this book is a journey of self-discovery and also an antidote to the hypnosis of the single man leading”.

Rossana Conte Member of the European Parliament - ©All Rights reserved

“I’m reading the book The Wind in my Hair written by Masih Alinejad, Iranian journalist and writer, civil rights activist and critical voice against the ayatollahs’ regime. It is a very strong, intense, autobiographical book, in which the author, who fled Iran in 2009 for New York, where she still lives, tells of the vicissitudes she went through after being born in 1976 in a conservative family, in a village in Mazandaran, a province in northern Iran. Today she is one of the most representative figures of dissent towards the ayatollahs’ regime.”

Maria da Graça Carvalho Member of the European Parliament - ©All Rights reserved

“I am reading a book called Nenhum Caminho Será longo, written by the Portuguese Catholic cardinal, theologian and poet José Tolentino Mendonça. The book borrows its title from the Japanese proverb: “No road is too long in the company of a friend”. It is, of course, a book about friendship, revisiting how this connection is portrayed in the Bible and in the work of philosophers and historians throughout the ages.”