Press Release - The voice of publishing in Brussels, the Federation of European Publishers, was launched 50 years ago

Founded in 1967, the Federation of European Publishers (FEP) proudly celebrates its 50th anniversary at the heart of Europe. To mark this occasion, FEP members along with publishers from all over Europe met on the 7th of March 2017. Mr. Tibor Navracsics, Commissioner for Education, Culture, Youth and Sport, addressed the event as well as the Members of Parliament attending.

© Photos - Roberta Balduzzi

© Photos - Roberta Balduzzi

FEP President, Henrique Mota

Founder and CEO of the Portuguese Publishing House Principia, Henrique Mota was elected President of FEP on the 16th of June 2016. The President’s first words recounted that “Publishers must keep on demonstrating their relevance in this brave new world. We all know how important the role of publishers is and will continue to be in the copyright value chain, and how crucial it is that all the stakeholders of the book ecosystem can sustain their activities.”

For the 50th anniversary, FEP President welcomed the former Presidents of FEP at the meeting of the Federation where he reminded everyone of the achievements of the joint endeavor. He said “Topics have not really changed, what has really changed is the increasingly polarised views with the chain itself. FEP and the publishers’ associations in membership of FEP will have to countlessly remind politicians that unfair competition via free - yet legal - access will affect the entire chain and the capacity to invest in new works. This, over the coming weeks through institutions such as the European Parliament and the Council.”

Read the speech of President Henrique Mota at the FEP meeting here.

© Photos - Roberta Balduzzi

At the gala dinner, Henrique Mota addressed the guests with key messages in favour of the book sector.

Read his speech here.

© Photos - Roberta Balduzzi

FEP Director, Anne Bergman-Tahon, said “When you love books like I do, it is wonderful to be associated with the publishing world. At a policy level, the challenges are critical and numerous. We have to continuously remind the policy makers of the importance of a sustainable and viable ecosystem. I cannot imagine that the European politicians, now in the European Council and the European Parliament will not finally support balanced proposals that will strengthen rather than fragilise the book world. Books are so important for society, it is crucial that policies especially in the field of copyright, remain an incentive for creation of works of the mind.”

FEP Economist, Enrico Turrin, said “The book sector is the first cultural industry in Europe and in the world. With our 50th anniversary statistics brochure we wanted not only to show the importance of our sector, but also to confirm the role of FEP as the most authoritative source of information about book publishing in Europe. I think we succeeded in creating a stimulating narrative based on a wealth of interesting data.”

Today, FEP represents 28 national book publishers associations in the European Union and the European Economic Area. Collectively with active publishers, members of the creative industry, FEP persists to tackle ignorance and abuses recorded in the publishing sector and aims to actively achieve the Lisbon Agenda goals.

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The Federation of European Publishers (FEP) first saw the light of day - under a different name - on 19th January 1967.

First consideration about monitoring European matters.

(Groupement des éditeurs de livres de la Communauté) founded by Belgian, French, Italian, Dutch and German Publishers Associations.

British, Danish and Irish Publishers Associations join GELC as their countries become member of the European Community.

Greek Publishers Association joins GELC as its country becomes member of the European Community.

GELC secretariat is reorganised to give it a permanent representative with EC officials and directorate generals.

Spanish and Portuguese Publishers Associations join GELC as their countries gain membership of the European Community.

1990-1992: President Alain Gründ

1992-1994: President Pere Vicens

The Federation of European Publishers (FEP)/ la Fédération des Editeurs Européens (FEE) becomes the umbrella organisation representing European book publishers associations, Luxembourg Publishers Association joins FEP.

Austrian and Finnish Publishers Associations join FEP. The Norwegian association also adheres, even though a referendum rejects Norwegian EC membership.

1994-1996: President Volker Schwarz

1996-1998: President John Clement

FEP drafts new statutes designed to ensure that candidates associations from Central and Eastern Europe could become members.

FEP 30th anniversary

1998-2000: President Ulrico Carlo Hoepli

2000-2002: President Michael Gill

Hungarian, Cypriot, Czech and Slovenian Publishers Associations join FEP

2002-2004: President Anton Hilscher

Lithuanian Publishers Association joins FEP

Polish, Estonian and Icelandic Publishers Associations join FEP

2004-2006: President Arne Bach

2006-2008: President Jonas Modig

Bulgarian Publishers Association joins FEP

FEP 40th anniversary

2008-2010: President Federico Mota

2010-2012: President Fergal Tobin

Romanian Publishers Association joins FEP

2012-2014: President Piotr Marciszuk

Serbian Publishers & Booksellers Association joins FEP

2014-2016: President Pierre-Dutilleul

Latvian Publishers Association joins FEP

2016-2018: President Henrique Mota