Promoting the European cultural and creative sectors as sources of economic growth and jobs

The FEP have been following Marie Sanchez-Schmid’s since its inception in August. The full report can be found here. On the 12th of September, she expressed in her rapporteur opening statement in the CULT committee meeting that the promotion of the creative sector is essential to release its potential. Her words emphasised the importance of this sector as part of European economies and as a vital part of improving the current economic crisis. Sanchez-Schmid said that investing in culture, a sector which has been relatively resilient during times of economic downturn, would help growth and unemployment rates. This is because culture investments encourage competitiveness, social inclusion and education. There has also been a marked increase in job promotion and creation. Furthermore there is vast potential due to digital technology. Sanchez-Schmid also reiterated that the EU must support this creative ecosystem because of the economic potential. Especially as all aspects of the sector are essential for cultural diversity; driving innovation has fallout for the rest of the economy. Youth unemployment was discussed in the debate and all speakers were in agreement that this sector is a big employer of young people. MEP Lopez-Isturiz White said that there needs to be a focus on creative young people due to these high levels of joblessness across the EU. The concluding marks were that cultural programmes, such as Creative Europe, are important vehicles to escape the Euro crisis and an effective strategy for growth and jobs. Votes on all amendments were accepted and in the final vote, the Sanchez-Schmid’s report was passed.