TDM opt-out protocol

On 5 June, FEP co-organised a webinar with AIE and EDRLab on the machine-readable Text and Data Mining (TDM) Protocol that was developed to allow publishers to opt-out of their works from TDM activities (including AI training). The Protocol, its objectives and functioning were presented and the audience had the opportunity to ask both technical and legal questions about the use of the protocol. With the rise of generative AI, it is important to underline that the EU TDM exception and its opt-out mechanism are the only way to legally ensure that publisher content cannot be mined to train an AI (for purposes other than public research). While further improvements of the Protocol are possible in the future, it is already ready to use and FEP encourages publishers to adopt it, so it may become a de facto standard.

Link to the TDM opt protocol:

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Quentin Deschandelliers
Legal Advisor