Tenth edition of the Author-Publisher Dialogues

On 5 April 2022, the FEP hosted the 10th edition of the Author-Publisher Dialogues at the restaurant Chez Yvonne in Strasbourg. The dialogue featured the writer Olivier Guez and the publisher Olivier Nora, Président Directeur Général at Editions Grasset.

The publisher and his author presented the anthology "Le Grand Tour", consisting of 27 stories by 27 authors, one per Member Country. Twenty guests attended the event, which was a big success and allowed a dialogue between the author, the publisher and the deputies.

MEP Laurence Farreng during her opening speech

Eight MEPs attended the dialogue, three of whom sponsored the event: Laurence Farreng (France, LREM/ RENEW), a member of the Committee on Culture and Education (CULT), Emmanuel Maurel (France, Republican and Socialist Left/Left Group), member of the Committee on Legal Affairs (JURI), and Tomasz Frankowski (Poland, European People’s Party), member of the CULT. Unfortunately, yet, he could not be present as he was at the European Parliament.

The tenth edition of the dialogue was also attended by Fabienne Keller (LREM/ RENEW), former mayor of Strasbourg and member of the Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs, Pascal Arimont (Belgium, European People’s Party), member of the JURI and substitute in the Industry, Research and Energy Committee, Alexis Georgoulis (Greece, GUE), member of the CULT, Hannes Heide (Austria, Socialist and Democrat), member of the CULT, Niklas Nienass (Germany, Greens), member of the CULT, as well as Cécile Deniard, President of SOFIA, who financed the event. Moreover, a dozen deputies’ assistants and advisers to political groups attended the Dialogue.

MEP Emmanuel Maurel during his opening speech

In her opening speech, Ms Laurence Farreng recalled the lack of visibility of Europe. On the other hand, Emmanuel Maurel highlighted the political battle he was carrying out with his colleagues, particularly in terms of the framework of the DSA and the DMA, to defend the single book price and copyright against the GAFA, which is relevant to protecting the "philosophy of Europe".

Olivier Guez shared his personal journey ("I was born European") and as the author of the book produced in collaboration with the French presidency of the European Union (choice of 27 authors). Olivier Nora highlighted the atypical nature of this collective work, in which he played a back-office role in Olivier Guez’s work. The latter explained that "this book was elaborated for it relies on a relationship of trust with Olivier Nora, who acknowledges the convictions". Furthermore, Olivier Nora believes that "this book shows a unique work in Europe". With the context of the war in Ukraine, the bookstore industry is remarkably low, yet it is a "long-seller". Mr Guez noted that "we read many Anglo-Saxon books, whereas we read little among Europeans". Mr Nora added, however, that "the rights purchases are currently refocusing on Europe".

Olivier Nora and Olivier Guez

MEPs, in the end, expressed their great interest in the book and wished that it would be translated into the various European languages. This topic made it possible to explain the high costs of transferring rights and translations to them.

Thanks to Catherine Blache (SNE) for the contribution.

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Hosted by MEPs

Laurence Farreng
Emmanuel Maurel

With the support of SOFIA