Work for refugees from Ukraine

Polish Book Chamber initiated a project named "Work for refugees from Ukraine", that provides contact for people looking for work in the publishing industry. The aim is to help war refugees from Ukraine.

Polish Chamber of Books is working intensively and it has already information about 30 workplaces available. There are more and more job offers, and FEP members will activate to find job opportunities for them in their countries. Information about the project is available at the website The project is supported by organizations like: Ukrainian House in Warsaw, Union of Ukrainians in Poland, Book Institute in Ukraine and Facebook groups - Ukrainians from Poland, Ukrainians in Poland work transport information, Work in Warsaw.

Information about the required data is available on the website of the Polish Book Chamber, also in English.

If there are jobs for Ukrainian refugees in your countries, please write to We will forward your information to those interested. We encourage FEP and its members to help in our project "Work for refugees from Ukraine".

Let’s create a hub for job opportunities in our European industry community, to help Ukrainian refugees.

More information

dr Grażyna Szarszewska (German, English),

Bartek Drela (English),