Books without borders

Crowdfunding campaign to support the printing of Ukrainian children’s books

Millions of refugees and, among them, many, many children left their homes only with the minimum essentials. These children need to find comfort, these children need to continue being children. They need to play, learn, read.

The city of Kharkiv, where the main printing works are located, has been heavily bombed, making it impossible to print books in Ukraine. The Ukrainian Book Institute, supported by the Federation of European Publishers, appeals to the generosity of the book world with the goal to print in Europe hundreds of thousands of children’s books in Ukrainian so to allow children to keep the link with their homeland.

All the money collected will be managed by the UIB, which will choose the titles and coordinate with local relays to print and distribute the books to the children. The FEP is the guarantor of this operation

Peter Kraus vom Cleff, President of the Federation of European Publishers and Ricardo Franco Levi, Vice-President and President of the Italian Publishers Association, said: “in this terrible time of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, our friends and colleagues from the Ukrainian Book Institute asked us to lend support to collect money to continue printing Ukrainian books and distribute them to children. It is clear that it is our duty to help our fellow publishers in Ukraine and to make it possible for Ukrainian children to have access to books. It is important for the book world to show solidarity. If you can, please donate, all money will be spent to print books and will be managed by the UBI”.

All the money collected will be managed remotely by the UIB, responsible for choosing the titles and coordinating with local relays for the printing and distribution of the books to the children. The FEP is the guarantor of this operation.

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