Initiative #OdiloStandsWithUkraine

Odilo is a company that provides learning ecosystems for organisations.

The initiative #OdiloStandsWithUkraine helps refugee children and their families to learn the language and culture of the host countries and to maintain the children’s educational program in their native language. In addition, the ecosystem provides a space for entertainment in a multiformat way, where they can connect with other students.

To realize the project, they set up different facilities:

  • A landing page to be able to request more information and/or sign up as a teacher or volunteer facilitator.
  • An URL and a mobile application to access the digital ecosystem open to everyone.
  • A video to share on social media channels that will help to disseminate the message.
  • A marketplace that will help Ukrainian publishers continue operating thanks to the print-on-demand of their digital content. This allows them to overcome the logistical blockages of distribution and simplify the process so that libraries, schools, and European institutions can acquire physical books in Ukrainian to send to children and refugee families.