Ukraine edition of Culture of Solidarity Fund

The European Cultural Foundation has launched the Culture of Solidarity Fund, a public-philanthropic partnership to support cultural initiatives that, amid turmoil and crisis, reinforce European solidarity and the idea of Europe as a shared public space.

The Ukraine edition is open and considers cultural emergency requests and joint European actions to stand with Ukraine. In particular, it supports European cultural initiatives in three areas:

  • disinformation, misinformation, propaganda filter bubbles, fake news, ongoing war ‘infodemic’ by supporting independent, alternative, and trusted (digital) media;
  • individuals fleeing their homes and looking for shelter in Ukraine or exile by providing safe cultural spaces;
  • forces of fragmentation by investing in artistic and cultural expressions withstanding the harsh realities of conflict and acting for a peaceful future of Ukraine and Europe.

The application process has been simplified due to the extraordinary circumstances. Further info and application request are available here.