Möbius started in March 2021 and will last until February 2024. It is co-funded by the European Union under the Horizon 2020 programme and aims to stimulate innovation in the publishing sector by leveraging the power of prosumers.

Möbius was born to invigorate European book publishing by remodeling traditional value chains and business models in the publishing sector. The main challenge that the Möbius partnership addresses is to embrace the prosumers’ potential as valuable contributors and drivers of new products and services, including new enriched media experiences.

Möbius, coordinated by EURECAT, aims to contribute to a renewed and invigorated European publishing sector by providing it with methods and tools to leverage the potential of prosumers in innovation processes and thus guaranteeing user-centric and user-driven perspectives in the design and delivery of new enriched media experiences.


1. Building a prosumer intelligence kit

By applying digital methods from computational social science, complemented by user studies, to analyse and learn from the vast open online communities of readers and writers.

The new prosumer intelligence toolkit will allow publishers to better understand how global readers are relating to books, their characters, storylines. Data analysis will be possible thanks to an interactive data visualization and a user-friendly dashboard for professional use.

2. Developing a prosumer Business model

By exploring and proposing new business models and ways for identifying and valuing prosumers contributions to the publishing value chains.

In strict compliance with existing IP and copyright legal frameworks, Möbius aims to illuminate governing logics that allow the creation of fair, sustainable, and productive relations with prosumers.

3. Creating the Möbius book

By designing and developing the software tools that will allow the production of new immersive and interactive book experiences.

The Möbius book will be a cross-media production that will integrate a digital version, a 3D audiobook (3D audio and binaural reproduction of the reading experience), and audiovisual content based on the book itself.


Möbius has launched an Open Call for original and unpublished short fantasy stories by professional and amateur writers in Europe. An evaluation committee formed by project partners selected the manuscript to be published as a Möbius book. Each manuscript has been evaluated according to criteria relevant to the Möbius project, and the winning story will become one of Möbius Book immersive and cross-media experiences. you can read about them here



Möbius has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement no. 957185