creativeSHIFT (concluded)

Despite an amazing inventiveness and a multitude of creative startups, very few innovations in the field of content development end up having a substantial impact on a sector-wide or even European level. Structural barriers to innovation represent some of the greatest obstacles standing in the way of progress, and it’s our goal to tackle these barriers. With creativeSHIFT we bring like-minded people from the creative industries together and pave the way for new innovative ideas that all content sectors can benefit from.

Our unique network consists of people from all over the EU with different backgrounds in content creation - from startup founders and game developers, publishers and authors, performing artists, festival organisers, animators and film producers, investors, university professors, accelerators and many more.

Our differences will help us navigate the coordinates of tomorrow’s creative innovation ecosystem, all in pursuit of a sound future for Europe’s creative landscape: thriving, resilient, securing cultural diversity and promoting healthy democracies and the ecologically sustainable development of Europe.

How creativeSHIFT brings content value to the next level

We have established ten taskforces that are working on cross-sectoral solutions for the following topics:

Fragmentation and silo mentality and Internationalisation as the basis for collaboration across content sectors as well as countries. Funding and financing to explore and increase financial opportunities. Visibility for making the creative sectors and their innovation potential visible and Attractivity to attract new talents and entrepreneurs. Mutually, Accelerators and incubators to help facilitate entrepreneurship. Adaption and reinvention to find new ways to reach the audience and strengthen the market position and new models of content creation to establish innovative concepts on how content can be created. As the current developments are heavily affecting the creative industries, we further address the UN sustainability goals as well as the effects of Covid-19.

The outcome of each taskforce can range from collaborative concepts, prototypes, event ideas, business models to policy recommendations and more. The outcomes of the project have been presented at the last Linecheck Festival in Milan, in November 2021 and at our concluding event online on 22nd February 2022 (a recording of which is available here)

Funded by the European Union

CreativeSHIFT was initiated by seven partners and is funded by the European Commission. The project was submitted to the call for "Platform(s) for cultural content innovation".

"Be revolutionary, be proud, be ambitious!" Dr. Christian Ehler, member of the European Parliament, encouraged us at our Inspirathon - and the creativeSHIFT community aims to live by it. One important goal is therefore to formulate recommendations for policy stakeholders, as a way to help build the best possible European innovation ecosystem for tomorrow’s creative sectors.


creativeSHIFT platform: creativeSHIFT

Other partners

The Börsenvereinsgruppe provides advisory and practical services for the book and media industry. It comprises the Börsenverein des Deutschen Buchhandels and its subsidiaries Frankfurter Buchmesse, MVB and mediacampus frankfurt.

Media Deals is a pan European Investment Network focusing on the Creative industries. We have built networks of private investors in the following creative sub segments: Audiovisual/XR; Music/Tech ; Gaming; Fashion Tech. We help investors willing to access quality deal flow and find co- investors.

MEDIAPRO is a leading group in the European audiovisual sector, unique in content integration, production and audiovisual distribution. It provides the creativity and technical solutions necessary to design, produce and distribute any audiovisual or multi-channel project.

SpielFabrique is a gaming ecosystem supporter that aims to build cross-border collaborations within the video game industry in Europe. Our activity is based on three pillars: an acceleration programme to professionalize Indie Games Studios in Europe ; the organisation of coproduction markets in Europe and Africa to foster collaborations between Indie Games Studios across the borders, in order to strengthen the Indie Games industry ; and consultancy on Financing for video games in Europe. These three aim to reach one goal: make successful Indie Games Industry in Europe and Africa stronger and successful thanks to cross-border collaboration.

A think tank, a production company and a consultancy for the music industry institutions, Music Innovation Hub incubates new artistic talents, develops training and vocational programmes, promotes international networking opportunities, supports innovation projects in music production, consumption, and distribution.

The European Music Council (EMC) is a European music network, comprising more than 75 members from 28 countries. The EMC is dedicated to the development and promotion of all genres and types of music in Europe. It advocates access to music for all and for freedom of musical expression across Europe.