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The war in Ukraine has provoked a huge humanitarian crisis; one of its most evident aspects is the massive influx of refugees, mainly women and children, leaving the country. These people will likely not have been able to take many things with them, and definitely not books.

Tales of EUkraine (TEUk) will address the issue with a solution that will favour the integration of Ukrainian refugees in their host countries, notably by facilitating the inclusion of children and their building relationships with peers from host countries, while supporting the Ukrainian publishing industry.

The project has built a catalogue of Ukrainian children’s books, the rights of which will be made available for licensing to several publishers from various EU Member States currently hosting significant numbers of refugees. The publishers, under the coordination and supervision of the respective national publishers’ associations, will acquire the rights to the books, translate them and publish bilingual editions in Ukrainian and the country’s language. TEUk is expecting to print at least 300,000 books.

The publishers’ associations and FEP will acquire the copies produced by the publishers at cost, and organise their distribution, relying on NGOs, voluntary associations, and other entities, to deliver the books to a series of beneficiaries such as schools, libraries and other hubs and venues where they will be made available to their ultimate beneficiaries: Ukrainian refugee children and their peers in the host countries.

Thanks to TEUk, refugee children will be able to both retain a connection with the culture of their home country and share it with their new friends in host countries, thus facilitating their inclusion and increasing the knowledge of Ukrainian culture across Europe. At the same time, the project will support Ukrainian authors, illustrators, and publishers in a time of dire need, facilitating their connection with European publishers.


Tales of EUkraine Catalogue - Frankfurt Rights Portals


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FEP-FEE – Federation of European Publishers – Belgium

FEP (Federation of European Publishers) is an independent, non-commercial umbrella association representing 29 national associations of book, learned journal and educational resource publishers, from all over Europe. FEP deals with European legislation and advises publishers’ associations on copyright and other legislative issues; it acts on behalf of its members with the Institutions of the European Union. FEP works in close collaboration with the EU Institutions to ensure that high-quality European content is available to European consumers. FEP has extensive experience with EU-funded projects that promote innovation and skills development in the publishing sector.


AIE – Italian Publishers Association - Italy

AIE (Italian Publishers Association - Associazione Italiana Editori) is the association for Italian book publishers since 1869 with around 400 members, representing 90% of the total national book sector. Thanks to its economic research department the Association is the main data source on reading habits, the publishing market, as well as cultural and educational consumption, essential drivers of national growth. AIE takes part in the most important book fairs in Italy and worldwide where it organizes collective stands and is involved in a number of European projects concerning training, technological innovation, books and reading promotion, frequently as Coordinator.

AIE - Associazione Italiana Editori

PIK – The Polish Book Chamber – Poland
PIK (The Polish Book Chamber), representing 149 publishers and 70% of the Polish market value, works for the development of good manners of players in the publishing and bookselling market in their business relations. By bringing together competing subjects, it tries to instil the need for cooperation and solidarity between them.
PIK organises regular training for booksellers, helping them to acquire e-commerce knowledge, financed by the Ministry of Culture. Together with other European organisations, PIK participates in works on adapting copyright law to the requirements of the developing digital market, equalising the VAT rate for e-books with preferential VAT rates for books on carriers, and fights against online piracy. PIK also runs projects promoting reading in Poland, financed by the Ministry of Culture in special programmes.

Strona główna (pik.org.pl)

BOEV - German Publishers and Booksellers Association - Germany
BOEV (Börsenverein des Deutschen Buchhandels - the German Publishers and Booksellers Association) is the leading national association of the German book industry. It works in the political and public arenas to further the interests of its roughly 5,000 members, which include booksellers, publishers, wholesalers and other media companies. The association was founded in Leipzig in 1825 and is headquartered in Frankfurt am Main.
Börsenverein is both a trade association and a cultural organisation. It works on behalf of its members to create the best possible economic and political conditions for publishing and bookselling and to preserve Germany’s longstanding policy of fixed book prices. In the realms of politics, education and science, Börsenverein actively promotes books as a leading cultural product in German society.
With Frankfurt Book Fair, the largest book fair worldwide, Börsenverein contributes to the international exchange of the sector and beyond.

Bundesverband - Börsenverein (boersenverein.de)

AER – The Romanian Publishers Association - Romania
AER (The Romanian Publishers Association) was founded in 1991. AER is currently composed of 72 members, and it is the main professional association for book publishers in Romania, which reunites publishing domains from the entire cultural spectrum. AER is the organizer of the Bookfest events, under the patronage of the Romanian Federation of Publishers, consisting of a series of 6 events in Bucharest, Timișoara, Târgu Mureș, Brașov, Cluj-Napoca and Chișinău (Republic of Moldova). The Bucharest 5-day edition gathers some 100.000 visitors, while the others range from 30.000 to 50.000 attendees. Moreover, the Bucharest edition has around 130 exhibitors, while the others range from 20 to 60 exhibitors. The Romanian Publishers Association is centred on promoting the reading and writing of quality books, facilitating readers’ access to books in terms of costs and information, thus contributing to the free circulation of ideas, as well as integrating the Romanian culture and language into the global circuit of values.

Association of Romanian Publishers (aer.ro)

ABK – Bulgarian Book Association - Bulgaria

ABK (Bulgarian Book Association) is the only organization of book publishers, book distributors and book agents in Bulgaria. It is a non-profit organization, established in 1994. The Association has more than 130 members and it’s responsible for over 90 % of the book publishing in Bulgaria. ABK’s activities aim at sustainable development of the national book publishing, in compliance with European practices and standards, and to promote reading as a crucial precondition for individual development. ABK organizes several book fairs, such as Sofia International Book Fair, Sofia International Literary Festival, Sofia International Literary Festival for Children and Youngsters, and Book Alleys in several cities around the country. It also carries out the national reading campaign for kids, "The March of the Books". ABK represents Bulgaria in international book exhibitions, organizes seminars and training courses with the purpose of upgrading the qualification of publishers and providing better perspectives for reading to the general audience and to people with special needs. The organization works with governmental institutions to harmonize Bulgarian legislation with European standards.

Bulgarian Book Association (abk.bg)

ZVKS - Association of Publishers and Booksellers of the Slovak Republic- Slovakia
ZVKS (Združenie vydavateľov a kníhkupcov Slovenskej republiky - Association of Publishers and Booksellers of the Slovak Republic) is the only organization associating publishers and booksellers of Slovakia, since 1991. There are currently 85 member companies representing around 80% of the book trade market in Slovakia. There are several main areas of activities of ZVKS. It organizes educational events for publishers and booksellers, including conferences and seminars on topics as diverse as copyright law, social media marketing for bookshops or the development of the Slovak language.
ZVKS is on the panel of organizations consulted by the Slovak Ministry of Culture during the legislator process of new laws related to copyright, libraries system or position and rights of publishers. Finally, it co-organises programs and activities that support and promote books and reading to the public, including the biggest book fair in Slovakia (Biblioteka), attended by over 30,000 people in 2019.

Združenie vydavateľov a kníhkupcov Slovenskej republiky (zvks.sk)

UBI - The Ukrainian Book Institute - Ukraine
UBI (The Ukrainian Book Institute) is a Government Agency under the Ministry of Culture and Information Policy of Ukraine. It was founded in 2016 to form state policy in the book industry, promote book reading in Ukraine, support the book publishing industry, prompt translation activities and promote Ukrainian literature abroad.
The Ukrainian Book Institute implements professional programs for book industry agents and several projects within Ukraine to encourage reading among children and adults. UBI assists the communication process between publishers and foreign book market players and implements the Translation Support Program, thanks to which 115 Ukrainian literary works have been translated to more than 21 foreign languages and published in 24 countries in the last two years. Moreover, in cooperation with Ukrainian Institute and PEN Ukraine, the UBI launched the Dragoman Prize to support translators from Ukrainian into foreign languages. Recently, the Ukrainian Book Institute became a member of the European Network for Literary Translation ENLIT.

Ukrainian Book Institute (book-institute.org.ua)


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